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Property Evaluation Reports

Whether you need the market values of one convenience store or 1,000, PetroREPORT® is the answer. This is the fastest, most cost-efficient valuation service available for convenience store and gas station properties, allowing you to quickly obtain documented evaluation reports that meet the FDIC Guidelines for Evaluation and Appraisal Reports.


Save up 70% of the time and cost of producing traditional appraisal reports. Proven in hundreds of convenience store fair market valuations.  Today's better choice for buy-sell decisions, portfolio values, watchlist property values, and more.  Click below to learn more.


Software licensing also available through PetroMARK®.  Click below to learn more.















For more information about other industry-leading valuation products and services for retail convenience properties , please see our companion website at C-Store Value.com by clicking the link below.



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